With the end of the year coming up soon, it could be the perfect time to get an injury assessed and treated! Many deductibles have been met, so there’s one more reason to take care of an injury now, rather than spending the time, money, and effort to wait and fix it later.

Most injuries left untreated take a long time to heal. Even minor injuries can continue to be a pain without the right stretching and strengthening routine. For example, a typical ankle sprain can sometimes involve a 2-3 month recovery if left untreated. However, with physical therapy, that recovery time can often be reduced to a matter of a few days!

One particular patient recently visited us for treatment of an ankle sprain. He mentioned that a previous sprain had sidelined him for at least 8 weeks, but with physical therapy, he says his strength and confidence have returned, and he is looking forward to being ready for basketball tryouts next week.

Call one of our offices today for your free injury assessment, and don’t keep waiting for something to get better on its own!

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