The staff at this clinic were so fun to work with. They were great conversationalists and kept my time here positive, laughing and fun. The therapist are competent, willing to do the work with you and never make you feel stupid if you don’t do it correctly every time. I learned that I am independent, my health is in my hands. The more I move the better I feel. Thanks for all of your help and getting me back to life. You are all great!

We have come to see you about Alissa’s elbow quite a few times with uncomfortable pain. You suggested therapy. we went to a physical therapist for 2-3 months. She was okay for 2 weeks. I then brought her to Buck Mendenhall, MPT. In 3 weeks Buck and his staff had Alissa on a program that she maintains and her elbow is doing great. Buck Mendenhall is our Hero. He knows how to work with the injuries and to treat the problem not just the symptoms. As a parent I have confidence and trust in Buck and his staff.

I came in for Physical Therapy because I had messed myself up pretty badly while training for my first marathon. I had lots of pain and stiffness from tendonitis in the hip flexors, IT band, quads and hamstrings. After a couple of weeks of rehab and therapy, I was able to run my marathon mostly pain-free (is a marathon ever completely pain free?) and afterwards the recovery was almost nothing! Oh, I also got training on how to run and walk better to ease the strains I had unknowingly caused. I’m so glad for all the wonderful help. These guys were great!

I was in such bad shape from a successful rotator cuff surgery and then a successful brain surgery for normal pressure hydrocephally, and with your help I was restored to a normal life. I now lead a busy, happy life and always appreciate the long but very effective physical therapy I received from you. I haven’t fallen down again once since all of your efforts to help me regain my balance. The strength training must have helped me a lot too, because I now accomplish a lot. After over fifty years of not playing violin, I now play one to three hours a day, a very strenuous activity. Thank you for all your effective help!

I am so happy my doctor referred me to Orrock Mendenhall for physical therapy! They were super nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. I learned more than just how to take care of the pain, but also to fix the problem behind the pain.
It’s been the best physical therapy I’ve ever had. I’d recommend their friendly staff to anyone. Thank you Orrock and Mendenhall!

I had a great time here getting my back fixed! All the aides are wonderful. They are very helpful and they went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed and that I was comfortable. They are always friendly and polite. Steve and Karen are great too. Both of them are fun to be around and can make you laugh while they are massaging knots out of your back.
I injured my back while dancing and since it didn’t heal by itself after a few days I decided I needed physical therapy. I noticed improvement in my back after the first visit. I was very glad that they were able to work on my back so that I wouldn’t have to stop dancing to let my back heal. It took about five weeks to get my back feeling great again but it feels so much better now and I can keep dancing!

It’s hard to believe someone could say they enjoyed visiting a physical therapist but I did. The work was professionally done. The staff was fun and lively while doing a thorough, competent job. The atmosphere was vibrant and enjoyable. Thanks to all for a great time and excellent job helping me get back to my training.

I’d like to thank the great staff at Pro. PT & Sports Medicine. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2000. I had a severe flare this summer and lost lots of range of motion (ROM as they say in the field.) The staff, fearlessly lead by Steve, were awesome. I felt very welcome and like I was in very kind, capable hands. After a few visits I felt like one of the gang.
Because one of my problem areas was my hip I thought I might feel self-conscious but everyone was very professional and just seemed concerned about me and my progress. No pain or complaint went unnoticed or untreated. I’m almost sorry I got better!
Thanks for giving me my life back!

Professional Physical Therapy of Lehi is an excellent place. They are very supportive and caring. They have addressed my fears and concerns in a professional and caring way. The exercise have increased my mobility and range of motion and decreased my pain. I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy. Thanks to everyone who helped me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Orrock and Mendenhall-Orem are absolutely the best PTs in the business. I was kind of stuck in my progress after total knee replacement and the excellent folks here got me going again. My flexion and extension are now beyond the targets- my knee is happy, and so am I. Karen, Steve, Devin, Shane, Kaisha, Susan- each one excellent in his or her respective roles, and all of them a great team to encourage one to do what needs to be done to make a full recovery. I recommend them wholeheartedly! And besides their professionalism, they’re a happifying group of people to be around. Thank you, Orrock and Mendenhall!

I tore my medial meniscus skiing in April and had a meniscectomy in May. I’ve been an avid runner for several years and have been concerned with being able to return to running as quickly as possible. My orthopedic surgeon recommended Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine for physical therapy.
I have been extremely pleased with the experience. The staff is friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. I have had several friends that have had the same surgery, none of whom have chosen to go through physical therapy. In comparing notes, I’ve found my recovery to be significantly ahead of schedule when compared to their experience. I’m convinced this is due to the care I’ve received at Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine.
I would highly recommend the staff and services at Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine to anyone trying to rehab an injury or recover from surgery.

I have been running for the last ten years. For eight of those years I have had problems with my calf muscles in both legs. I have been to orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors and five different physical therapists trying to fix the problem. After the therapy things would get better but the problem would come back.
After having a lot of problems this spring I was referred to Steve Orrock. After the first visit Steve was able to diagnose the problem and provide the solution. Steve had me change how I run and it has made all of the difference! I have been running without pain for the past month and I look forward to running in the future with no more calf problems. Steve you were right, you are the last physical therapist I will ever see. Thanks Steve!

At Orrock and Mendenhall they have taught me how to help prevent this injury in the future and how to help me get better now. They have a focus that I believe in that you need a complete system to make sure you heal correctly. I am very happy to work with their staff. They are always enthusiastic and encouraging to work with. Thank you to everyone who has helped in my recovery!

I want you to know that four years ago when I had my first shoulder surgery I went to three different physical therapists. I also went to different chiropractors.
This time after my auto accident I was referred to Orrock/Mendenhall for physical therapy. I felt like I was being treated at a “mayo clinic” because they all communicated with each other over my injuries. My experience at Orrock/Mendenhall has been so professional! I am never left alone trying to do exercises by myself. I am always corrected with technique if I start to get sloppy and always increasing the exercises to help with no pain. I have never felt taken care of for my injuries the way they have over these past months.
I am happy with these professionals that want me to get better and succeed! I highly recommend them!

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