Are you currently dealing with pain? No matter what it is, you can give us a call and get a free injury assessment with a physical therapist. With 3 different locations in Utah County, we’re easily accessible and more than willing to help you get back to peak condition. Just this past spring, we helped a gymnast return to competition in the Men’s National Junior Olympics. More recently, we’ve treated whiplash, IT band syndrome, ACL repair surgery, TKA/Total Knee Arthroplasty (knee replacement surgery), ankle sprain & strain, Lumbar/Sacroiliac joint pain, and many, many more.

Many people may feel like they can get better on their own, or that the pain may simply just go away. While that can sometimes be the case, the benefit of physical therapy is that recovery time decreases significantly, and who doesn’t want to get better faster? ­For example, when treated within 24 hrs. of initial injury, an ankle sprain recovery time can be a matter of days, instead of 2-4 weeks on average without physical therapy.

Call us today and schedule a free injury assessment!

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