What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is  a method of treatment focused on both the healing and prevention of injuries and chronic disabilities. Physical therapy focuses largely on relieving pain, promoting healing, and restoring the loss of function, strength, and movement that are associated with injury. Other areas within physical therapy are bio-mechanical evaluation and training, fitness and wellness, as well as education and prevention.

What can a physical therapy program do for me that I can’t do on my own?

Many people  think that they know how to properly exercise, manage their pain, and rehabilitate themselves following an injury. Some people have said, “I have had this before and I know what works for me” or “I know what is causing this, because my neighbor had the same thing so I will just do what she did,” and attempt to manage their recovery on their own. A Physical Therapist is a specialist skilled and educated specifically in proper rehabilitation. Therapists are continually educated in the management of different dysfunctions, the differentiation of one dysfunction or injury from another, and they also work closely with the patent in the development of a rehabilitation program specifically designed for each individual. Another important aspect to remember with physical therapy is that each individual is different. We all have different types of bodies, different patterns of movement, alignments and habits. A physical therapist, along with their trained staff, can monitor each individual and correct improper movements, alignments, and habits while educating the patient about their injury every step of the way.

How long is physical therapy going to take?

It should be remembered that because we all have different body types with different rates of healing, the time taken to heal from an injury can and will vary from person to person. The experienced physical therapist will have a good idea of how long your personal rehabilitation process will take after an initial evaluation. A list of general injuries, and the approximate length of times taken to rehab are as follows:


Who benefits from physical therapy?

Many and all can benefit from physical therapy. Typically, the most common patients are those who are suffering from accidents of all types (work, auto, and sports), athletes with overuse or training injuries, patients with arthritis, pre- and post-operative patients, and even those who could benefit from a proper body mechanic’s consultation.

What can I expect from a physical therapy visit?

Here at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine you can expect to be treated with the utmost care. Upon arriving for your first visit, you will be kindly seated and evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. During the course of that evaluation, the therapist will assess the injury and create a exercise program designed around your specific needs. The treatment following the evaluation will most likely include modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage, heat/ice therapy, and cold laser. These modalities are designed to promote healing through increased nutrient flow. Following the modalities, you will then be guided and instructed through a variety of specific stretches and exercises to increase both flexibility and strength, concluded with a one-on-one assessment with the therapist. You can plan on being here at the clinic from anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

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